Озонотерапия является ответом на эту пандемию SARS-Cov-2 (англ.)

The first virus in 2003 was SARS-1 This Covid 19 virus is SARS-2. Both viruses enter at the ACE2 site. (angiotensin receptor and stimulat it. Angiotensin is made by the adrenals which causes blood vessels to narrow, raising blood pressure) There are ACE2 sites all over the body: lungs, intestine; liver; kidneys; etc. That is why the attack is so ferocious. It hits all main organs with a full spread of photon torpedoes. The sites of attack are not different. But the power of the attacking force is enormously more powerful. That is due to the weaponization. I am still waiting to read exactly what that disruption is. Some statements have been that the red blood cells themselves are being attacked and the hemoglobin damaged so that it cannot carry oxygen. The patients are hypoxic, but not gasping for breath because it has also attacked the brain stem where the breathing control is located and knocked it out. The liver is under attack and stops making enough heparin, so the blood starts clotting, causing strokes and heart attacks and pulmomary embolisms in the lungs in 30 - 40 year old people. In each and every case, ozone therapy is the right answer. I can't believe that the US authorities will continue to not only ignore ozone therapy, but actually continue to actively persecute generator manufacturers. But they are. Best of Health! Dr. Saul Pressman

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